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16- Quantifying spatio-temporal dynamics of African dust detection threshold for PM10 concentrations in the Caribbean area using multiscale decomposition [Plocoste et al (2022)]

The Caribbean basin is one of the regions on earth with a very high rate of asthma due to the presence of sand mists. Therefore, it is crucial to precisely quantify the presence of these hazes in the atmospheric boundary layer of this area. This article statistically and dynamically determines a new detection threshold for desert dust from in situ PM10 measurements in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico. Our results showed that 28 µg/m³ is this new threshold. Analyzes of the atmospheric circulation over the Atlantic Ocean have confirmed this value. This new threshold will therefore be a good indicator allowing the competent authorities to take the appropriate decisions to protect vulnerable populations during dusty events. In fact, 28 µg/m³ corresponds to “average” air quality according to European legislation. Given the high rate of asthma in this area, we believe that this new threshold is more related to “poor” air quality.