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20- Multiscale correlation analysis between wind direction and meteorological parameters in Guadeloupe archipelago [Plocoste and Sankaran (2023)]

In island contexts, waste management is a major problem due to the lack of space. Open dumps are often located in the heart of urban areas. In these places where there are many microclimates, it is crucial to better understand the fate of air pollutants from landfills. It is well known that meteorological parameters play an important role in the dilution, diffusion, advection and transformation of pollutants. Wind is a preponderant climatic variable in these processes. Wind direction is a key characteristic as it determines the trajectory of pollutants. In this paper, the behavior of wind direction (WD) with respect to the variability of other meteorological parameters (i.e. precipitation (R), temperature (T), relative humidity (Rh), solar radiation (SR) and wind speed (U)) has been studied in a multiscale way. To carry out this study, the Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT) framework was applied to a dataset of the Guadeloupe archipelago from 2016 to 2021. Thus, the time-dependent intrinsic correlation analysis (TDIC) based on Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition (MEMD) was performed. The results of this study clearly show the influence of R-T-Rh-SR-U on WD for different time scales.