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3- Temporal scaling study of particulate matter (PM10) and solar radiation influences on air temperature in the Caribbean basin using a 3D joint multifractal analysis [Plocoste and Pavón-Domínguez (2020)]

Many studies have highlighted the health impact of African dust. To our knowledge, few of them have analyzed the impact of sand mists on the climate of the Caribbean basin using a multifractal approach. In partnership with the University of Cádiz, the KaruSphere laboratory carried out a joint multifractal analysis for three variables coexisting in the same geometric support in order to describe the influence of desert aerosols (PM10) and solar radiation on air temperature . Our results have clearly highlighted the strong influence of PM10 and the intensity of solar radiation on the value of atmospheric temperature. In addition to the health aspect, the presence of these mists will therefore have a significant effect on energy consumption.