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8- Multifractal Detrended Cross-Correlation analysis of wind speed and solar radiation [Plocoste and Pavón-Domínguez (2020)]

Wind is a key meteorological parameter in the field of renewable energies and the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants. Being able to determine and predict the fluctuations of its intensity is therefore a major challenge. In partnership with the University of Cadiz, the KaruSphère laboratory carried out a spatio-temporal multifractal analysis of wind speed as a function of solar radiation in the Guadeloupe archipelago. The four stations selected for wind speed were chosen based on the direction of the trade winds (east to west), while solar radiation is recorded at a representative location in the center of the island. The results of the relaxed multifractal fluctuation analysis (MF-DFA) showed the multifractal and persistent wind speed behaviors at all locations with a decrease in the Hurst exponent (H) along the transect (from Désirade in Sainte-Rose) caused by the effect of continentality. The degree of multifractality clearly highlighted the presence of a nocturnal radiative layer in the center of the island which weakens the wind speed in the surface layer. Besides its persistent character, the MF-DFA analysis showed a lesser degree of multifractality for the solar radiation related to its planetary scale. Finally, the results of the multifractal cross-correlation analysis (MX-DFA) between wind speed and solar radiation showed that the degree of multifractal correlation is identical for each site unlike the values ​​of the Hurst exponent.