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10 – Euphrasie-Clotilde L., and Plocoste T.

Characterization of particulate matter in the Caribbean area Open Days in Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics (JOBIM 2023), 27-30 June 2023, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. Poster and Oral Presentation

9 – Esdra A., Plocoste T., and Nuiro S.P.

Modeling and forecasting particulate matter (PM10) concentrations in the Caribbean area 11th French Biennial of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SMAI 2023), 22-26 May 2023, Gosier, Guadeloupe. Poster

8 – Plocoste T., Adarsh S.

“Multiscale analysis of PM2,5 − PM10 relationships in the Caribbean area : case study of Puerto-Rico” 7th Indian International Conference on Air Quality Management (IICAQM-2022), 29 November – 1 December 2022, Chennai, India. Short paper

6 – Plocoste T.

“What are sargassum? Origin and impact on the Caribbean basin”Rotary/Rotaract District 7030 conference, 24-27 April 2019, Gosier, Guadeloupe. Oral presentation

5 – Plocoste T., Dorville J-F., and Cayol C.

“Application d’un modèle d’élution de la Chlordécone en Basse-Terre de Guadeloupe en déterminant la lame drainante par une méthode de krigeage”Plan Chlordecone 3, Scientific and information symposium on Chlordecone pollution, October 16-18, 2018, Schoelcher, Martinique. Abstract + Poster

4 – Plocoste T., Jacoby-Koaly S., and Roussas A.

“Use of modeling tools to predict methane emission from a rehabilitated waste dome in tropical insular climate”The Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS), 20th general meeting and biennial conference, 24-26 November 2016, Deshaies, Guadeloupe. Abstract + Poster

2 – Plocoste T., Jacoby-Koaly S., Molinié J., and Bade F.

“Surface inversion characteristics in the nocturnal boundary layer of Guadeloupe and its impact on air quality”23rd International Conference on Modeling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution, 1-3 June 2015, València, Spain. Oral presentation