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13- Is there a causal relationship between Particulate Matter (PM10) and air Temperature data? An analysis based on the Liang–Kleeman information transfer theory [Plocoste and Calif (2021)]

This article presents the results of the study of the causal relationship between PM10 particles and atmospheric temperature (T) in the Caribbean basin using entropy methods. To our knowledge, this work is the first to analyze the causal relationship between these two parameters for different time scales. Our results proved that there is a bidirectional causality (from PM10 to T and T to PM10) between the studied parameters. Indeed, we find that the concentrations of 𝑃𝑀10 tend to homogenize the values ​​of T. This phenomenon is attributed to a greenhouse effect strongly linked to the seasonality of African dust. In high dusty season, this phenomenon is 13 times more significant than in low season. We also find that the values ​​of 𝑇 tend to heterogenize the values ​​of the 𝑃𝑀10 in the low dust season while they homogenize them in the high season. These behaviors are attributed to the impact of 𝑇 values ​​on the dry deposition rate of 𝑃𝑀10s.