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6- Investigation of local correlations between particulate matter (PM10) and air temperature in the Caribbean basin using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition [Plocoste et al (2020)]

In the literature, many studies talk about the impact of aerosols (PM10) on the climate. However, few of them study the effects. In partnership with the University of the West Indies, the KaruSphère laboratory studied the impact of PM10 on air temperature (T) using descriptive and dynamic statics. To carry out this analysis, 11 years of daily PM10 and T data recorded simultaneously in the Guadeloupe archipelago were used. The statistical results showed a dependence between PM10 and T especially during the high dust season, i.e. from May to September. After dynamically highlighting the global correlation between PM10 and T in the frequency domain, the local correlations are studied in a multi-scale manner using the time-dependent intrinsic correlation analysis (TDIC) based on the empirical mode decomposition of together (EEMD). The results obtained show that the PM10 of African and marine aerosols are strongly correlated to T respectively for large and small periodicities. We also observe that extreme weather events such as heavy rains, hurricanes or drought induce a strong anticorrelation.