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Integration of France Deeptech

The KaruSphère laboratory has integrated “France Deeptech“. This community brings together deeptech players for an entrepreneurial, collective, and scientific response to our contemporary challenges.

Prediction of energy consumption using artificial intelligence

The KaruSphère laboratory provided its expertise in the article entitled “State of the art in energy consumption using deep learning models“. The aim of this study is to analyze and predict energy consumption in Brazil, Canada, and France using artificial intelligence.

Stochastical analysis of atmospheric temperature in India

The KaruSphère laboratory provided its expertise in the article entitled “Unravelling the Fractal Complexity of Temperature Datasets across Indian Mainland“. This study focuses on the stochastic analysis of atmospheric temperature over a 65-year period using data from 359 measurement stations distributed across India.

Climate Variability and Complex System Analysis Across Scales

Professor Thomas Plocoste is the organizer and chair of the session ‘Climate Variability & Complex System Analysis Across Scales‘ at the international conference of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), Europe’s largest international conference on geosciences, taking place from April 14th to 19th in Vienna, Austria.

Talents Moun Péyi

Professor Thomas PLOCOSTE is featured on the cover of “Talents Moun Péyi “. New magazine showcasing Guadeloupean excellence.

Overseas Talent 2023

Professor Thomas PLOCOSTE is designated, at Quai Branly J. Chirac Museum, as the French Overseas Talent 2023 in the “Confirmed Talents” category.